The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS centrifuges blood bags safely and efficiently. This centrifuge can reliably handle large volumes: Its maximum capacity is 6 x 2,000 ml / 12 x 750 ml blood bags.

The centrifuge has a high-performance cooling capability, the temperature can be set to any value in the range -20 °C to +40°C (-20 °C to +60 °C for the 5005-50 model), and has a practical fast cool function.

Its optimal run characteristics ensure that excellent centrifugation results are achieved with this centrifuge. The comprehensive range of accessories for blood collection vessels, centrifuge tubes, bottles and different blood bag systems can all be centrifuged in one rotor – it is not necessary to change the rotor.

Castors fitted as standard allow the centrifuge to be positioned wherever it is desired. Whilst running, high-performance vibration dampers ensure that vibrations are kept low. This results in low noise emissions and contributes to a pleasant working environment.
The HettInfo data documentation system from Hettich can be used with the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS for quality assurance purposes. This data documentation system logs all centrifugation data.


• A high RCF without windshield of up to 6,520 x g at 4,500 rpm
• A high capacity of up to 6 x 2000 ml or 12 x 750 ml blood bags
• High-performance cooling allowing any temperature to be set in the range -0 °C to +40 °C (-20 °C to +60 °C with the 5005-50 model)
• High stability, even at high speeds, thanks to the high-performance vibration dampers
• Easy to move thanks to the castors supplied as standard
• Low noise levels during centrifugation


The centrifuge is ideal for situations where large volumes have to be centrifuged quickly and reliably and maintained at the required temperature, for example in transfusion centres, blood banks or for batch processing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.
Optimal centrifugation results are achieved as a result of its optimized run characteristics for
• Blood bag systems
• Bottles up to 2,000 ml
• Various blood collection vessels and tubes

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Product details

• Max. capacity with swing-out rotor: 6 x 2,000 ml
• Max. speed (RPM) : 6,000
• Max. RCF: 6,520
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 973 x 813 x 1,015 mm
• Weight: Approx. 355 kg
• Cooling: any temperature in the range -20 °C to +40 °C
• Rotor: Swing-out rotor for 6 x 2,000 ml or various blood bag systems (90°), max. RCF 6,520 – catalogue No. 4176


The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS can be relied on without fail. It is easy to use and has the following features:
• Ergonomic operating and information panel
• User-friendly S control panel. Different functions can be selected easily – from simple parameter combinations through to a combination of different centrifugation programs
• Large display: The actual status of all parameters is displayed while the centrifuge is running
• Samples in different vessels can be centrifuged in one rotor – it is not necessary to change the rotor
• The blood bag carriers are easy to fit
• Ergonomic grip rail allows the lid to be closed easily
• Motor-driven lid closure
• Surfaces are smooth and easy to clean


The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS offers maximum safety through features such as:
• Lid locking
• Emergency lid release
• Lid dropping protection
• Automatic rotor recognition
• Imbalance shut-off
• Key-operated switch to prevent unauthorized data change
• Motor overheating protection
• Chamber overheating protection


The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS is a floor-standing centrifuge that can be moved on castors and is highly versatile. It is of robust construction, and has the following features:
• Stable metal casing
• Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
• Ergonomic operating and information panel
• High-performance vibration dampers to ensure quiet operation
• Castors fitted as standard
• Torsion-free stable sectional construction of the casing
• Large view port in the lid to enable visual speed monitoring by means of a stroboscope during operation

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