De BioPlus reeks van Gram is ontworpen voor de opslag van de meeste delicate biomaterialen, in situaties waar zelfs kleine fluctuaties van condities in de opslagkabine ernstige effecten hebben op de inhoud ervan.

BioPlus cabinets also enable you to reduce the relative humidity inside, thus cutting down on any likelihood of undesirable contaminants getting near delicate biomaterials.
In terms of performance, these units are designed to provide the very best results even under exceptional conditions.

Available with capacities of 500, 600, 660, 1270 and 1400 litres and in a range of different sizes, with either white or stainless–steel finish.


Vriezers -40°C, -35°C, -25°C
Koelkasten 2-6°C ± 1°C

Bio Plus EF 660 W


• Interior made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
• Exterior made of lacquered steel or AISI 304 stainless steel.
• Electrical automatic defrosting system.
• Special Gram Multi Purpose Controller with LED display. A Gram Monitor is fitted on the control unit, enabling you to transfer information directly to a computer.
• High–capacity refrigeration unit that makes sure the interior quickly returns to the specified temperature after the door has been opened.
• Dry cooling that reduces condensation on the surface of the contents of the cabinet. In effect, this is as close as it is possible to get to a controlled humidity unit in a conventional refrigerator configuration.
• Gram ventilated air circulation system, featuring a special distributor plate that ensures consistent temperatures everywhere in the cabinet.
• Acoustic alarm that provides clear notification if either maximum or minimum permitted
temperature is reached. A door alarm is also fitted. All alarm parameters are set separately.
• Voltage–free connector for IT networks, monitoring systems and/or alarms placed
• Foot pedal so that the cabinet is easy to open, with full access even when the user’s hands are full.



Te verkrijgen modellen:

BioPlus ER 500: download data sheet
BioPlus ER 600: download data sheet
BioPlus ER 930: download data sheet
BioPlus ER 1270: download data sheet


Te verkrijgen modellen:

BioPlus RF 500: download data sheet
BioPlus RF 600: download data sheet
BioPlus RF 930: download data sheet
BioPlus RF 1270: download data sheet
BioPlus EF 600 (-35°): download data sheet


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