Voeding drogen, cosmetica, klokken, boeken, PCBs of injectie schimmels: Ontwerp uw eigen VO vacuüm oven in overeenstemming met uw wensen!

Vacuüm droog oven VO: de grote vriendelijke reus in het laboratorium

Met korte opwarmingstijden, hoog precisie temperatuurcontrole en turbo droging toont de vacuüm oven VO al zijn krachten. De oven behandelt ook warmtegevoelige of zuurstofgevoelige substanties en materialen zoals cosmetica, voeding, klokken, boeken of PCBs en andere elektronische componenten met alle zorg tijdens het drogen. Het directe contact tussen de kamer inhoud en de opwarmbare en verschuifbare thermische schappen garanderen in alle vacuüm oven VO modellen een snelle en gelijke temperatuurcontrole zonder verlies van warmte.
• Temperature range up to +200 °C
• 3 model sizes (29l, 49l and 101l) of vacuum oven VO
• State-of-the-art control technology based on the P performance class for all models
• Anti-splinter; VDE-tested door construction for all models

De exacte fit voor uw applicatie

As much function as necessary, as much individuality as possible! In its 
basic version, the VO vacuum drying oven contains a thermoshelf, USB interface, Celsius software and MEMoryCARD. Customise your oven precisely for your application and pay only for the options that you really need.
• Optional switching to inert gas: Programmable and digitally controlled inlet for inert gas with a flow rate reduction
• Optional pump control: Optimised rinsing procedures for pump membranes as needed, as well as signal output for pumps ON/OFF

Premium opties in de Premium module

For elaborate applications a Premium module can be chosen, with its content depending on the model size. Apart from the options of inert gas inlet and pump control, the Premium module also contains one (VO 200) or two (VO 400, VO 500) additional connections for thermoshelves, as well as an extra thermoshelf (only VO 400 and VO 500), a drip tray and the printer port.

Opvallend kortere opwarmings en verwerkingstijd

Each of the maximum up to four aluminium thermoshelves that can be inserted as required is equipped with a separate shelf heating and its own sensors. The separate control circuits react precisely to different loads and humidities, and maintain all the levels used equally to the setpoint temperature. Because of the direct contact between heating and chamber load, the heating and operating times in the vacuum drying oven VO are reduced by some 75 per cent compared to a conventional drying oven.

If large amounts of powder and granulate need to be dried in the vacuum oven, the vacuum cycles, offered exclusively by Memmert worldwide, come into play: Two vacuum values can be set, between which the pressure is oscillated under controlled conditions. This way, a large amount of dry air is admitted within a short time, which absorbs humidity and is immediately extracted by the vacuum pump.

Aluminium thermoschuiven voor optimate temperatuur verdeling

To achieve an optimum temperature distribution on all separately heated levels in the chamber, the thermoshelves for our vacuum drying oven are made of anodised and surface-enhanced aluminium as standard. For applications with highly corrosive materials we optionally recommend that you choose stainless steel thermoshelves from our accessories list, because of their resistance to chemicals.

Roestvrij staal - een vacuum oven voor (bijna) altijd...

60 years of permanent development work, as well as numerous amounts of feedback from practical experience, are embodied in each vacuum oven:
• The modular manufacturing concept in accordance with the principle of equal parts enables a highly varied and cost-effective production
• Almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing
• Heating concept adapted to the specific product for a precise and homogenous temperature control independent of chamber volume and load
• A wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, Celsius software, integrated log memory and chip cards (features dependent on the controller class)
• Three-year guarantee for appliances except wear and tear parts
• The temperature values of all sterilisers are measured according to DIN 12880:2007-05

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Standaard vacuum oven

The direct contact between the load and the heatable and removable thermoshelves in the chamber of the vacuum oven ensures rapid and uniform temperature control of food, cosmetics, watches, books, PCBs or injection moulds, without the loss of heat.

On this page, you can find all the essential technical data on our vacuum drying oven. Our customer relations team will be pleased to help if you want further information. If you should require a customised special solution, please contact our technical specialists at myAtmoSAFE@memmert.com.


• fuzzy-supported MLC (Multi-Level-Controlling) microprocessor controller adapting its performance to the volume (local temperature sensing) for each thermoshelf
• temperature measured through 4-wire Pt100 sensor individually for each thermoshelf
• self-diagnostics for fault analysis
• digital 7-day programme timer with real time clock, precise minute setting, for one set value or start of ramp operation
• integrated timer for tempering and pressure (vacum) profiles of up to 40 ramps, parameters time, pressure and temperature (setpoint dependent) individually adjustable for each segment from 1 min. up to 99 hrs
• multifunctional programming via menu on 8-digit alphanumeric digital display (language to be chosen via set-up)
• digital display of all set parameters, such as temperature, weekdays, time, pressure, programe status and set-up values
• separate LED-symbol for each thermoshelf in operation
• digital display of actual temperature for each thermoshelf individually
• resolution of display for setpoint values 0.1°C up to 99.9°C, 0.5°C from 100°C
• resolution of display for actual values 0.1°C up to 99.9°C, 0.5°C from 100°C
• calibration facility through controller for three freely selectable temperature and pressure values
• integrated ring memory as data logger for GLP-conforming long-term documentation of all relevant parameters - 1024 kB
• programme stored in case of power failure
• USB-interface incl. Memmert software "Celsius" for programming and documentation of temperature and pressure
• chip-card control incl. 1 MEMoryCard XL with 32 kB storage capacity (max. 40 ramps)
• works calibration certificate for +160°C at 20 mbar pressure for each additionally supplied thermoshelf together with the vacuum oven

Vacuüm controle

• digital electronic pressure control through solenoid valves
• adjustment range from 10 mbar to 1100 mbar - digital (LED)
• setting accuracy 1 mbar
• digital display of actual pressure from 5 mbar up to 1100 mbar
• one programmable, digitally controlled inlet for air
• rapid air intake for door opening (door is blocked under vacuum ) - programme reactivation at stored values
• vacuum drying process (vacuum cycles) is continued after power failure

Meervoudige overtemperatuur bescherming

• additional digitally adjustable, electronic micro-processor overtemperature monitor TWW, protection class 3.1 - (max-value for overtemperature, min-value for undertemperature)
• additionally integrated over- and undertemperature protection "ASF", automatically following the setpoint value at a preset tolerance range; alarm in case of over- or undertemperature, heating of the individual shelf is switched off in case of overtemperature
• resolution of display/setting accuracy 0.5°C up to 99.9°C, 1°C from 100°C
• automatic overtemperature protection for each thermoshelf following the setpoint-value (MLOP - Multi-Level-Overtemperature-Protection) switching the heating of the shelf off at about 3°C above setpoint value
• mechanical temperature limiter TB, protection class 1 according to DIN 12 880 to switch off the heating approx. 20°C above nominal temperature

Te verkrijgen modellen

VO200: download brochure
VO400: download brochure
VO500: download brochure

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