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The BioMidi cabinet is designed to meet the majority of biomaterial refrigeration and freezer requirements, with very few limitations. The specifications include the major features from our top–of–the–range BioPlus model, making it the ideal choice when the ability to maintain stable temperatures.

The BioMidi range is equipped to handle almost any challenge, despite its cost-effective nature. The BioMidi range of products excels with functional and clever design enabling ergonomic access to the storage space.

The BioMidi is available in these sizes:
425L en 625L
Regular Refrigerator (RR) +2/+20°C.
Regular Freezer (EF) -40/-5°C – (RF) -25/-5°C


  • Automatic smart defrost with re-evaporation of the defrost water
  • Condenser easy to clean, with removable dust filter.
  • Door access port 24,5 mm. for an external sensor.
  • Electronic control with service and emergency program.
  • Factory warranty 3 years. Warranty on the compressor 5 years
  • BioLine ventilated air distribution system
  • Internal and external Atex (EN /IEC 60079 -15 Categorie 3 Zone 2)
  • Acoustic and visual door alarm
  • Internal finishes: Aluminium/stainless steel or stainless steel.
  • Halogen lighting with magnetic door contact
  • Natural refrigerant R290. HFC refrigerant (free option).
  • Sensor calibratie standaard mogelijk.
  • Gram Control Unit with voltage free contact and keypad lock function.
  • External finishes: White lacquered steel or aluminium/stainless steel or stainless steel
  • Unique finned-tube evaporator for optimale airflow .
  • Display product temperature in display, E-sensor in liquid container. Sensor calibration possible.
  • Self-closing door with lock.
(mm) BxDxH
425L-40/-5°C622 c 731 x 1979/2000Details
425L-25/-5°C600 x 731 x 1979/2000Details
625-25/-5° C815 x 731 x 1979/2000Details
425L+2/+20° C600 x 731 x 1979/2000Details
625L-2/+20° C815 x 731 x 1979/2000Details
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Brochure GRAM BioMidi EF425


Brochure GRAM 425 RR - RF


Brochure GRAM BioMidi 625 RR-RF


Brochure GRAM BioLine Range


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