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Cell culture inserts BRAND Insert 2in1 for 12-well



The BRAND Insert 2in1 is a cell culture insert used for skin model production, 3D epithelium cultures, chemotaxis analyses, transmigration assays, transport and polarity studies, and more.

In many cell culture tasks, or when switching from a standing to a hanging position, you can continue to use your current cell culture plates, saving additional validation steps. Thanks to both supporting feet and hooks, you can position the BRAND Insert 2in1 either way.

Via its protein-like structure, the cellGrade™ plus surface provides optimal conditions for growing primary keratinocytes and many other cell types.

With the practical multipacks, the right number of inserts is always close at hand. They can be opened row by row, so that the remaining inserts stay sterile. Besides the practical benefits, this also reduces waste.


  • Use in a hanging or standing position
  • Works with all common 6-, 12-, or 24-well multi-well plates
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D cell cultures
  • Surface: cellGrade™ plus
  • Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
  • PC or PET membrane
  • Pore size: from 0.4 µm and 8.0 µm
  • Packaged individually or in practical multi-packs

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