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Ecotron incubation shaker


Designed for microbial applications and users who want quality and performance with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Two-tier stacking option for top results in a small space

There’s room for our shakers even where space is at a premium—their practical design and compact dimensions are what make it possible. Thanks to the modular setup, you can operate them either a standing unit, on a lab bench or stacked in a two-tier configuration.


The patented, high-performance Penta drive unit is at the heart of many INFORS HT shakers. The highlight of the drive is its ingenious dynamic mass-balancing system, which ensures whisper-quiet, vibration-free operation.


  • A folding door that opens to the front makes for convenient loading
  • Can be set up as a free-standing or benchtop unit, or in a two-tier configuration
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Patented Penta drive with dynamic balancing
  • Quiet and vibration-free
  • Precise shaking speed control
  • Watertight
Operating Unit
  • Splash-resistant display
  • Intuitive operation for easy handling
  • Precise parameter control and monitoring
Cell Growth Quantifier
  • Sensor and corresponding software for non-invasive online biomass measurement
  • Screening under optimum culture conditions in up to 16 shake flasks simultaneously
  • optionally available
Liquid Injection System
  • Automated liquid feeding with programmable control unit
  • Suitable for a variety of media, such as sugar solutions, alcohols or suspensions •
  • Predefined or fully configurable feeding profiles
  • optionally available

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Infors Ecotron Flyer


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