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Elmasonic Denta Pro

Programmed professional ultrasonic cleaning.

The Elmasonic Denta Pro as variant of the Elmasonic S 30 has been specially developed for the tasks in the dental area.


Elmasonic EasyCARE TL

Easy to integrate. Easy to operate.

The Elmasonic EasyCARE TL is a powerful ultrasonic device that can be easily integrated in pre-cleaning workstations.


Elmasonic xtra TT

Powerful tabletop units in a class of their own.

Elmasonic xtra TT tabletop ultrasonic devices are designed for use in production environments, workshops and servicing.


Elmasonic xtra ST

Robust and strong single tank devices with multi-frequency technology

Elmasonic xtra ST floor-mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops and servicing.


Elmasonic TI-H

Ultrasonic industrial cleaners with frequency changeover.

Two frequencies (25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz) can be manually changed over for intensive and gentle cleaning in the TI-H ultrasonic cleaners. 


Elmasonic XL

Industrial parts cleaning “x-tra large”.

The Elmasonic XL machines in 3 sizes (140, 180 & 300 litres of usable volume)


  Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 1


  Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 2

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