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Moisture Analyzer MA37 Infrared



The MA37 is the new Sartorius basic analyzer for moisture determination. It operates even faster and is easier to use than its predecessor MA35. In addition, it features a compact footprint and delivers highly accurate results. Moreover, its BetterClean design also enables effortless cleaning, and the convenient status light indicates the current progress of a measurement. The MA37 is therefore ideal for operations involving identical routine measurement tasks, guiding you step by step throughout moisture analysis.

The MA37 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids using the thermogravimetric method. The MA37 is perfectly suited to daily recurring moisture analysis tasks, such as in production or incoming goods inspection.

  • Fast measurements
  • Effortless cleaning
  • User-friendly operation
  • Display of the measurement status
  • Downward compatibility with predecessor model MA35

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Brochure MA37


Data MA37


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