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Muffle furnaces – THERMCONCEPT



T max: 1100 °C und 1200 °C
Volume: 3, 5, 9 und 15 liter


  • Strong, double-walled steel housing with coated surface, for corrosion protection, wear resistant and long service life
  • Coated in RAL 7035 und RAL 7001
  • Front frame made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable feets


  • Double-walled hinged door, with integrated retaining spring
  • With handle, wide opening and easy to operate

Exhaust System:

  • Air inlet port for fresh air, with manually adjustable flap
  • Exhaust pipe in the rear wall, connection for vapour vents


  • Double-walled casing with rear-ventilation to ensure low outer-casing temperatures
  • Insulation made of high grade ceramic fibre with low thermal mass for fast heating cycles and low energy consumption


  • High quality heating wire, embedded in ceramic plates, therefore protected against fumes and mechanical damages, long service life

Temperatur Control:

  • Program Controller Eurotherm 3208 with 1 program with up to 8 segments


  • Program Controller Eurotherm 3508 and Eurotherm Nanodac
  • Vapor vent, vapor vent LaboVent with fan and LaboKat with catalyzer
  • Adjustable safety limiter to protect furnace and charge, accord. EN 60519-2
  • Control Software Eurotherm iTools and RS 232, 485, Ethernet and USB-interface


Datasheet Muffle Furnaces KL series Thermconcept


Catalog Thermconcept Muffle and tube furnaces


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