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RV 3 (V)
///The Beginner
The RV 3 rotary evaporator is the ideal entry-level model, but is also a real all-rounder. It finds a multitude of uses in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in research and development, in manufacturing and quality control, in laboratories, and in plant construction.
RV 8 (V)
/// The Athlete
The RV 8 features a user-friendly manual lift with an integrated safety lift-out function in case of power failure. The RV 8 is the ideal choice for all standard distillation applications. Digital displays for the speed and the heating bath temperature enable optimum control of the entire distillation process. The device is distinguished by its user-friendly handling concept and distills safely with absolute precision.
RV 10 auto pro V
/// The Pioneer
The RV 10 auto pro rotary evaporator is now fitted with our full-automatic VACSTAR digital vacuum pump. This enables better automatic detection of the solvent boiling point. This function offers several advantages in comparison with a valve-controlled system, a pumping unit, and a simple rotary evaporator.

Magic distillation – RV 10 – Video

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