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T max: 1200 °C or 1300°C
Max. tube diameter: 60, 85 and 120 mm
Heated length: 300, 450 and 600 mm

RWK – furnaces:

  • Compact, splittable bench top furnace for horizontal operation with sep. switchgear and control unit
  • Stable housing made of coated steel parts, face side made of stainless steel


  • Powerful wire heating elements made of high-grade FeCrAl-alloy for long service life and low operating costs
  • Heating elements on ceramic support tubes with free heat radiation, mounted above and below the work tube, for direct and even heating and very good temperature uniformity
  • Easy and very economical change of heating elements


  • Multilayer, high-grade insulation with low thermal mass, for low outer shell temperature and low energy consumption
  • Support tube anchors made of strong and long lasting fire bricks


  • Tube entry diameter up to max. possible diameter individually selectable with order
  • Process tubes made of quartz glass or ceramic, very fast and easy to change

Temperature control:

  • Standard controller with programmable start time, working temperature and holding time
  • Controller with several programs or cascade controller with temperature control direct on the probe, control- and documentation software and interface optionally available


  • Process tube made of quartz glass or ceramic
    • Ceramic tube made of C 610 or C 799, gas- and vacuum tight, for gas- or vacuum-flanges
    • Quartz glass tube, gas- and vacuum tight, for gas- or vacuum-flanges
    • Quartz glass tube, with taper joint and end caps, with 1 or 2 gas connection and valves
  • Manual and automatic gas feed system for non-flammable protective gases
  • Gas- or vacuum-flanges and individually adapted flanges with bushings, swing lid with quick-locks or flanges with glove box connection
  • Vacuum pump with display or controller
  • Water-reflux condenser for flanges


Datasheet Tube Furnaces RWK series Thermconcept


Catalog Thermconcept Muffle and tube furnaces


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