Device defective?

Repairs are carried out by experienced and qualified service engineers.
Our warehouse in Eeklo has a basic stock of spare parts.
If the necessary spare part is not in stock, we make it a priority order with the manufacturer to keep the repair time as short as possible.

Our experienced service team regularly attends training at various manufacturers.
This keeps their knowledge up to date and repairs are carried out accurately, quickly and professionally.

We maintain close contacts with the technical service of the manufacturers to guarantee an optimal service to you.
We carry out repairs on-site or in our technical workspace. Especially for smaller devices this is recommended because the displacement cost is eliminated.
We are committed to providing an optimal service every day!

Original parts

It goes without saying that we always use original parts to ensure the correct operation of your appliance.

Plan of Action

Before we carry out a repair, we will require an order form. To protect our team, it is essential that all equipment and components are free from contamination and pose a potential health risk. For this we ask you to fill in a decontamination and recovery form.

As soon as we receive the order form for the repair of your laboratory equipment together with the completed decontamination and repair form, we will do everything necessary to solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will find our repair and installation conditions here.

Need help urgently?

Keep the following documents ready:

  • Serial number
  • Type of Appliance
  • Year of construction of the appliance

Avoid defects?

In order to avoid defects we advise you to have an annual preventive maintenance carried out on your appliances or laboratory equipment. Discover it on our Maintenance page.

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Stay informed and subscribe to our newsletter

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